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Loft Bed Definitions


Standard Bunk Beds

The Standard Bunk Bed is simply one bed supported over another bed.  It yields twice the sleeping space of a single bed.   The idea is nearly as old as the bed itself.  


Stackable Bunk Beds

 The Stackable Bunk Bed separates into two distinct beds. Usually a dowel or pin is used to keep the structure intact while the units are in the stacked position.  The top bed generally is lifted off of the bottom and set on the floor.


Loft Beds  

 Loft Beds are beds elevated from the floor for the purpose of gaining useable space underneath.   Loft Beds can dramatically  increase the useable floor space in a room. Loft beds are a common in dorm rooms and are gaining popularity in apartments and anywhere where space is at a premium. All of the Loft Bed Plans available on our site contain simple instructions for conversion to a Bunk Bed. 


L-Shape Loft Beds

L-Shape Loft Beds consist of a loft bed with a matching twin.  The two beds can be positioned in a variety of ways allowing greater flexibility.

Full-Twin Bunk Bed

    Full-Twin Bunk bed has a full bed on the bottom with a twin bed on the top. This style is also available as a stackable bed. Stackable and non stacking models are available.


Trundle Beds

  This arrangement has been around since ancient times as well. Originally referred to in Old English as a "truckle bed" the trundle is actually any small bed on wheels that usually fits beneath a taller bed.  It can be stowed away when unoccupied and made ready for use at a moments notice.  With the mattress removed, the bed can double as a large drawer for storage of bedding, luggage, off-season clothing, children's train sets or any item that fits.